Monday, 30 November 2009

Al Moseley set to leave HMDG

Al Moseley has resigned from his post as a partner at Hurrell Moseley Dawson & Grimmer.

Al joined the newly formed HMDG 18 months ago as ECD and partner, adding his name to the agency's masthead, he leaves the agency in January 2010. The agency will retain its current name.

"I learned a lot at HMDG - who wouldn't joining a start up in the middle of the biggest recession ever recorded" said Al Moseley. "Over the past eighteen months I’ve worked with some of the most fascinating and challenging clients of my career, notably the Prince Of Wales for his Rainforest Project creating a campaign that featured the Dali Lama and Kermit the Frog, amongst others.
I didn't achieve everything I hoped for at HMDG but in the current business climate who has. However, I enjoyed the experience and they’re a great bunch of talented people who are going to do great things, I am sure.”

Al was instrumental in attracting his successor, and the agency’s new creative partner John Messum. John has already been at HMDG for the past six months and previously been part of the management team at Farm, helped to found Leith London and served as head of art at both HHCL and Saatchi.

John said of Al’s departure “ I’ve enjoyed working with Al and he has bequeathed me a team of talented people, and whilst we are sorry to see him leave , I feel confident we will now reap the rewards from the time he has spent nurturing the agency's creative output.”

Greg Grimmer on behalf of the partners at HMDG said “We are proud of the work we have achieved in Al’s time here and wish him well as he returns to Amsterdam and the global creative scene. Al leaving HDMG will be a sad day for both him and us and we hope we will always remain his favourite agency in London”

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