Friday, 3 September 2010

Kärcher Paper is Shortlisted for IPA Effectiveness Awards 2010

HMDG was pleased to find out that our submission to the 2010 IPA Effectiveness Awards has been shortlisted. Full details can be found here

Here’s a summary of the paper, looking at our 2009 campaign for Kärcher Pressure Washers.

Men Just Want To Have Fun: How getting to grips with the complex mind of man became the catalyst for growth for Kärcher Pressure Washers

Despite being available in the UK for many years, high pressure washers remained a relatively underdeveloped category. By assessing the male psyche, and employing brand advertising to a category with no history of it, Kärcher were able to deliver results. Carefully planned television slots were used to target the male audience, through exploring the playful satisfaction connected with power tools. Despite a small marketing budget, this campaign was a catalyst for strengthening Kärcher’s relationship with consumers and retailers. The campaign delivered a short-term payback of between three to five times the total 2009 budget of £570,000.

See the full TV ad, and other work, here

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